Falling home-furniture imports from Eastern Europe

23.09.2018 − 

German imports of living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture in the first half-year were 7.0% lower than a year earlier at 764.0m €. A reduction of 4.4% had already been recorded for the first quarter. According to the statistics compiled by the association of the German home-furniture industry VdDW on the basis of data from Destatis, the federal statistics office, the decline was most distinct in imports from Eastern Europe and Asia.

Imports from Poland for example, were 6.9% down at 282.3m € compared to the corresponding period in the preceding year. The reduction turned out to be even more pronounced in imports from China. They fell by a third in terms of value to 60.8m €. Germany also imported less living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture from Romania (-12% to 24.7m €), Slovakia (-5.1% to 18.1m €), the Czech Republic (-12.7% to 17.9m €), Hungary (-10.6% to 14.1m €), and Vietnam (-25.4% to 15.4m €).

Conversely, imports increased from the Netherlands (+1,9% auf 32,1 Mio €), the third most important country of origin, as well as from Austria (+3.7% to 31.3m €), and Bosnia-Herzegovina (+8.6% to 25.6m €).

German exports of living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture also fell in the first half-year, though at -2.5% not quite as sharply as the imports. Exports reached a total value of 439.4m €. Growth of 3.5 % had been achieved in the first quarter. Within the five most important target markets, the only exports to increase were those to France, gaining 1.2 % to 34.5m €. Deliveries to the countries ranking first to fourth in the statistics, namely Switzerland, Austria, the UK, and the Netherlands, fell in each case.

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