Exports of kitchen fall for first time since July 2015

27.04.2017 − 

Turnover generated by the German kitchen-furniture industry in February declined year on year by 9.4% to €368.6m. In contrast, January had shown growth of 14.2% to €356.6m. According to the monthly statistics compiled by the German Kitchen Furniture Industry Association on the basis of data from the Federal German Statistics Office both domestic and export business contributed to the fall in revenues in February. Export turnover decreased by 7.6% to €139.0m and therefore declined year on year for the first time since July 2015 (-5.1%). Exports to the euro zone, with a minus of 8.2% to €104.3m, fell at a slightly faster rate. Domestic turnover was down year on year by 10.5% to €229.6m.

Cumulative figures for total turnover achieved by the German kitchen-furniture industry in the first two months of 2017 showed growth of 0.8% to €725.2m. The decline in domestic turnover of 1.8% to €446.1m was more than compensated for by improved export business (+5.2% to €279.1m). Exports to the euro zone had risen by the end of February by 4.7% to €211.5m. The export quota reached 38.5%.

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