Considerable decline in Polish furniture exports

13.11.2020 − 

In the second quarter, the value of Polish furniture exports dropped by more than one quarter vis à vis the preceding year to €2.112bn. According to Eurostat, in the first quarter exports declined by 7% to €2.856bn. Accumulated over the first six months, furniture at a value of €4.968bn was exported, corresponding to a 16% decline. Of this figure, furniture at a value of €1.829bn, or 37% of total exports, was sold to customers in Germany. Classified according to product groups, seating furniture exports dropped by 22% to €2.312bn. Exports of furniture other than seating furniture declined by 10% to €2.171bn as of the end of June. Mattress exports, at €484.5m, fell 16% short of the preceding year’s figure.

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