China: 2020 EU furniture imports decline by 10%

02.06.2021 − 

In 2020 Chinese furniture imports from the EU decreased by 10% to €1.057bn. According to the export trade statistics published by Eurostat, the rates of decline recorded in the first and second quarters, at -10% and -27% respectively, slackened off in the second half of the year. The third quarter was only 3% short of the preceding year’s figure and the fourth quarter just 1%. Imports from the most important EU supplier country of Italy decreased by 9% to €442.7m over the year as a whole. Even more significant declines were recorded for imports from Germany (-14% to €245.1m) and Poland (-26% to €96.5m). Imports from France and Spain, by contrast, increased by 18% to €65.5m and by 20% to €20.5m respectively.

Chinese furniture exports to the EU in 2020 increased by 2% to €9.139bn compared to the preceding year. Here, declines in the first (-3%) and second (-14%) quarters contrasted with increases in the third (+12%) and fourth (+18%) quarters. Exports to the two most important EU purchasing countries, Germany (+7% to €2.137bn) and the Netherlands (+10% to €1.420bn), increased over the year as a whole. Exports to Poland and Belgium, at €667.1m and €515.2m respectively, both rose by 8%. The value of deliveries to Sweden and Denmark increased by 2% in each case to €456.4m and €354.4m respectively. Exports to Spain (-6% to €661.3m), Italy (-12% to €569.9m) and Austria (-16% to €142.0m) declined, in contrast.

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