Belgium: imports increase for first time in Q4

06.05.2021 − 

In the fourth quarter, the value of Belgian furniture imports increased by 8% to €615.8m. The growth ensues from the 22% increase to €500.0m recorded concerning deliveries from EU countries. As a proportion of total imports, this constitutes a rise of nine percentage points to 81%. Imports from non-EU countries declined by 28% to €115.4m and by nine percentage points to 19%. However, the increase in the fourth quarter could not fully compensate for the declines recorded in the first three quarters (-6% to €1.715bn).

According to export trade statistics published by Fedustria, imports over the entire year decreased by 2% to €2.330bn. Furniture at a value of €1.652bn was acquired from EU countries, representing a decline of 2%. Deliveries from non-EU countries decreased by 4% to €678.3m.

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