Belgium: decline in furniture imports intensifies

16.11.2020 − 

In the second quarter, the value of Belgian furniture imports decreased by 17% vis à vis the preceding year to €519.1m. According to export trade statistics published by Federatie van de Textiel-, Hout- en Meubelindustrie (Fedustria) imports from EU countries fell by 19% to €356.9m and by one percentage point to a proportion of 69% of total imports. Deliveries from non-EU countries, at €162.2m, fell short of the preceding year’s figure by 13%. Due to the below-average decrease, this figure as a proportion of total imports increased by one percentage point to 31%. From China, furniture at a value of €100.1m was obtained; this represents a decline of 11% compared to last year.

In the first quarter, imports - at a value of €596.7m - fell 6% short of the preceding year’s figure. Accumulated over the first six months, imports were 11% below the previous year’s figure, at €1.116bn. Imports from EU countries decreased by 15% to €749.1m. From non-EU countries, furniture at a value of €366.7m was obtained, a decline of 4%.

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