Belarusian furniture exports increase strongly again

01.07.2021 − 

In the fourth quarter, Belarusian furniture exports increased significantly once again, by 19% to US$199.3m. Thus, a double-digit percentage range increase in deliveries was recorded in the first (+11% to US$148.2m), third (+21% to US$179.0m) and fourth quarters. For the second quarter, Belstat recorded a decline of 16% to US$120.1m. From October to December, deliveries to EU countries represented the main contributor to the growth, increasing by 38% to almost US$90.0m. In this connection, especially furniture exports to Germany increased considerably - up two-thirds to US$29.2m. These exports, as a proportion of total Belarusian exports, thus increased to 15%. Belstat also recorded an increase of 7% to US$101.8m for the CIS states. The value of deliveries to Russia alone, at US$83.2m, was almost as high as that recorded for the entire EU.

In 2020 as a whole, Belarusian furniture exports increased by 9% to US$646.6m. Increases were recorded in all major product groups (seating furniture: +12% to US$159.7m, furniture other than seating furniture: +7% to US$460.2m, mattresses: +37% to US$26.7m).

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