Belarusian furniture exports increase by one-third

18.08.2021 − 

In the first quarter, Belarus exported furniture at a value of US$195.9m. According to the Belarusian statistics authority Belstat, the principal contributing factor to the 32% increase vis à vis the preceding year was the 40% rise in deliveries to the EU to US$86.8m. As a proportion of total exports, deliveries to the EU thus increased by two percentage points to 44%. Exports to the two most important purchasing countries within the EU, Germany and Poland, rose by 47% to US$28.8m and by 28% to US$27.6m respectively. The value of deliveries to Lithuania increased at an even more significant rate of 58% to US$8.4m. Exports to CIS states were up by 26% to US$101.9m. In this context exports to the Russian market, which in itself accounts for 44% of total exports, increased by 24% to US$85.4m.

Classified according to product group, the most significant increase was recorded for mattress exports, which rose by 56% to US$8.0m. Exports of seating furniture increased by 45% to US$55.8m. Exports of furniture other than seating furniture, at US$132.1m, exceeded the previous year’s figure by around 25%.

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