Belarus almost doubles furniture exports to the EU

12.11.2021 − 

After an increase of 40% was recorded in the first quarter, in the second quarter the total value of Belarusian furniture exports to EU countries almost doubled vis à vis the preceding year to US$99.1m. According to Belstat, furniture at a value of US$34.8m was exported to Germany (+75%), currently the most important EU trading partner ahead of Poland. Deliveries to Poland more than doubled to US$30.5m. Statistics for the CIS states show an increase of 76% to US$114.5m. In this connection, deliveries to Russia rose by almost two-thirds to US$93.7m. Significant increases were also recorded concerning exports to markets such as Great Britain (+565% to US$5.1m) and the USA (+429% to US$4.1m).

In the first half-year, total Belarusian furniture exports - at a value of US$422.2m - exceeded the previous year’s figure by 57%. EU exports increased by a slightly more significant rate of 64% to US$186.0m. In the first half of 2020, total furniture exports had declined by 3%, which was due exclusively to the 16% drop recorded in the second quarter.

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