Austrian furniture exports leapt 6.2% in first quarter

08.08.2018 − 

Austria exported 6.2% more furniture in the first quarter with total shipments of €241.6m. Preliminary information from the Association of the Austrian Wood Industry show that deliveries to other EU member states were up 6.6% at €174.6m. Shipments to Germany, still the biggest destination by some margin, were 3.5% higher at €103.9m. Exports to Italy (+19.7% to €9.8m) and Czech Republic (+22.1%) showed very large jumps in third and fourth places. France (+17%), Slovakia (+14.5%) and Romania (+61,4%) also experienced considerable increases. Exports to Spain more than doubled to €3.4m from a low level. On the other hand, Austria shipped less to Poland (-1.9%), Belgium (-5.7%), UK (-3.8%), Slovenia (-3.4%) and the Netherlands (-15.8%). Outside Europe, Austria booked a 45.1% upturn in exports to the United Arab Emirates to €1.2m.

In terms of the different product groups, office furniture exports saw the biggest leap of 12.2%. Shipments of kitchen furniture (+8.5%) and shop furniture (+7.4%) improved markedly. Exports of seating furniture and parts surpassed the previous year’s level by 0.5%. Conversely, mattress and mattress support exports were down 3.2%.

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