Austria increases furniture production to €2.086bn

15.07.2019 − 

In 2018 Austrian furniture production reached a total value of €2.086bn and therefore surpassed the preceding year’s figure by 4.9%. According to preliminary figures of Statistics Austria published in the 2018/2019 industry report by the Austrian wood industry association, production developed along slightly better lines in the second half of the year, at a value of €1.129bn, than in the first half of the year when furniture production increased by 3.9% to €957.4m. In 2017 production stagnated in terms of value. The preliminary figures published in 2018 have meanwhile been adjusted by the association. Originally a production value of €1.994bn was indicated for the entire period of 2017. According to final figures, Austrian furniture production in 2017 amounted to €1.989bn and was therefore just below the level recorded in 2016.

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