Alno’s EBITDA seriously in the red in 2016 financial year

31.08.2017 − 

On 18 August, following several postponements, Alno finally presented the annual accounts together with the group financial statement for 2016. Nevertheless, the company points out that it was not possible to issue an audit certificate due to the current preliminary insolvency proceedings which are under way.

Alno also emphasised that the financial statement is based on carrying amounts prior to the submission on 12 July of the application for insolvency proceedings to be opened in self-administration. These are consequently still based on the assumption that Alno is a going concern. If it should transpire after the opening of insolvency proceedings, however, that restructuring and the re-establishment of the going concern assumption is not possible, the carrying amounts would significantly change and the financial statement would not hold true in this form.

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