5.4% increase in kitchen furniture exports

05.01.2019 − 

German kitchen furniture exports, according to preliminary information, increased by 5.4% to €1.530bn in the first nine months of 2018. According to the quarterly export statistics compiled by VdDK on the basis of data from the Federal Statistical Office, growth thus again accelerated slightly in the third quarter. After an increase of 2.8% recorded in the first quarter, a rise of 5.1% had been recorded at the end of June. In the first three quarters exports to the three most important purchasing countries all increased in terms of value.

The most significant increase was recorded in exports to Austria, which rose by almost one quarter to €144.9m . As a consequence, Austria surpassed Switzerland (-2.8% to €136.7m) and Belgium (+2.1% to €136.6m) and now holds third position in the export statistics. Exports to France, which is in first position, amount to one quarter of total German kitchen furniture exports and increased by 7.6% to €385.0m . In terms of value deliveries to the Netherlands - the second most important importing country - increased by 2.1% to €213.9m .

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