Russia: furniture imports increase by one-third

In the third quarter of 2021, Russian furniture imports increased by 33% to US$620.1m. Thus, the 72% increase reported by the Russian customs authority in the second quarter slackened off again in the third. Significant increases were again recorded concerning imports from Chi-na (+56% to US$186.1m), Belarus (+28% to US$94.2m) and South Korea (+79% to US$50.2m). The value of furniture imported from Germany amounted to US$36.3m, re-presenting an increase of one-fifth vis à vis the comparative quarter of the preceding year. The increases contrasted with declines in imports from countries such as the Czech Republic (-46% to US$10.4m) and Slovakia (-13% to US$9.1m).

In the accumulated period from January to the end of September, imports rose by 37% to US$1.773bn. In this connection, imports of seating furniture (+37% to US$297.2m) and mattresses (+40% to US$21.9m) increased at a somewhat more significant percentage rate than imports of other furniture (+28% to US$300.9m).

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