Rational Einbauküchen files for insolvency

Rational Einbauküchen Solutions has submitted an application for the opening of insolvency proceedings at the district court of Osnabrück. The court approved the application (AZ 41 IN 34/22) on 16 September and appointed Stefan Meyer of Pluta as preliminary insolvency administrator. Most recently in 2019, Meyer had also acted as insolvency administrator in insolvency proceedings concerning the kitchen furniture manufacturer which at that time was operating under the name Warendorf - Die Küche.

The reason for the recent application for insovency filed by Meyer Rational Einbauküchen is, according to the company, total failure of crucial parts of the IT servers used to control planning and production as well as other key company processes. A power cut in the region in early September had caused significant damage to the servers and irreparable data loss. The emergency power supply had also failed due to a technical defect. Rational Einbauküchen is therefore currently unable either to process orders or to forward data on existing orders to production. It is technically impossible to restore these data in the short term. Consequently, it is currently also unclear when production, and therefore business operations, can be resumed. Production of Rational kitchens is outsourced to an external company. Administration, development, construction, marketing and sales are located at company headquarters in Melle.

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