Polish furniture exports rise at double-digit rate again

In the second quarter, Polish furniture exports increased by 11% vis à vis the preceding year to €3.678bn. Although the growth rate was thus slightly less significant than in the first three months (+15%), it nevertheless remained in the double-digit percentage range. Deliveries to Germany, by far the most important sales market, increased at a slightly above-average rate (+15% to €1.258bn). Exports to the Czech Republic rose by 10% to €265.2m. For the French market, which ranks third, the Eurostat statistics show a single-digit increase of 4% to €237.9m.

Regarding Polish furniture imports, from April to June an increase of 13% to €988.7m was recorded. In the case of imports from China, after an increase of 27% had been recorded in the first quarter, the growth rate slackened off to +4% in the second quarter, resulting in an import value of €268.1m. By contrast, the increase in imports from Germany intensified, up 16% to €209.3m.

Accumulated over the first half of the year, exports (+13% to €7.384bn) and imports (+14% to €1.947bn) increased at approximately the same rate and thus once again exceeded the respective high levels of the preceding year. At that time, exports had already risen by 30% and imports by 44%, after double-digit declines had been recorded in each case in 2020.

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