Orders of kitchen furniture producers down in September

Accumulated over the first nine months, the total value of incoming orders received by the German kitchen furniture industry increased by 12.2%. According to internal order statistics of the Verband der Deutschen Küchenmöbelindustrie (VdDK) the increases recorded on the domestic market and in exports were similar, at 12.5% and 12.0% respectively. Concerning the individual month of September, however, the situation has already changed, according to figures presented by VdDK managing director Jan Kurth at the AMK General Meeting on 11 October in Heidelberg. Whilst incoming orders abroad still increased by 3.7%, a decline of 8.3% was recorded for the German market; as a result, total incoming orders were down 3.7%.

After a first half-year characterised by high growth rates ranging from 19.3% in June to 28.7% in February, the German kitchen furniture industry then recorded a decline in incoming orders for the first time in July. The value of total incoming orders was down 6.7%, with the decline more or less evenly distributed between activities domestically (-6.6%) and abroad (-6.8%). The increase recorded again in August (+6.5%), however, primarily ensued from strong development abroad (+13.4%); domestically, the preceding year’s figure was exceeded by just 1.7%.


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