China increases furniture exports to EU by one-fifth

In the first nine months, China’s furniture exports to the European Union increased by 21% compared to the preceding year to €11.764bn. Development varied across the individual quarters. After an increase of 40% in the first quarter, exports declined by 14% in the second. High corona infection figures and the lockdowns imposed by the Chinese government in this context likely played a role in the decline. For the third quarter, export trade statistics published by Eurostat show there was again a significant increase of 70% to €3.397bn.

Deliveries to Germany, the most important purchasing country within the EU, rose by 47% to €734.1m. Exports to the next two most important markets, the Netherlands and France, more than doubled to €496.5m and €486.3m respectively. Over-proportional increases were also recorded concerning exports to Spain (+84% to €303.7m) and Italy (+93% to €219.5m). On the other hand, lower growth rates were recorded in the third quarter regarding exports to Poland and Belgium, up 11% in each case to €248.9m and €182.0m respectively. In the first nine months, €5.814bn was attributable to exports of seating furniture - almost half of the total value of total Chinese exports to the EU. This corresponds to an increase of 16% vis à vis the comparative period of the preceding year. Mattress exports rose by 13% to €1.026bn. Growth was more significant in the case of other furniture; the previous year’s figure was exceeded by 28% to €4.924bn.

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