China: furniture exports to the EU increase further

Following strong growth in the first (+28%) and second (+60%) quarters, Chinese furniture exports to the EU in the third quarter increased again by 49% to €3.459bn. Deliveries to Germany - China’s most important EU export market - increased by 38% to €759.7m. Significant increases were also recorded concerning exports to the Netherlands (+43% to €510.3m) and France (+41% to €468.0m), which follow in second and third place respectively in the Eurostat statistics. Over-proportional growth was also recorded in the case of exports to Spain (+73% to €292.3m), Poland (+63% to €284.0m) and Italy (+68% to €234.7m). Starting from a somewhat lower level, furniture deliveries to Ireland more than doubled to €76.8m (36.1m).

In contrast to exports, the value of Chinese furniture imports in the third quarter - at €277.2m - fell 1% short of the preceding year’s figure. Increases in imports from Italy (+2% to €124.9m), France (+58% to €18.6m) and Lithuania (+2% to €10.6m) contrasted with declines in deliveries from Germany (-7% to €63.2m) and Poland (-31% to €17.8m).
In the nine-month period, China increased its furniture exports by 45% to €9.754bn. Chinese furniture imports rose by 12% to €836.5m.

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