Short-time work at 80% of furniture manufacturers

28.05.2020 − In April 2020, as expected, the temporary closure of the brick-and-mortar furniture trade led to relatively extensive consequences for the German furniture industry.» more


US furniture industry records turnover rise in February

21.05.2020 − Following a 3% decline in January 2020, turnover of the US furniture industry in the residential area increased again in February by 4% to US$2.219bn in February. » more

Furniture manufacturers introduced short-time working

18.05.2020 − As expected, the temporary cessation of stationary furniture trading in April led to far-reaching effects on the German furniture industry; just under 80% of the companies introduced short-time working.» more

Polish furniture exports up 5% in fourth quarter

14.05.2020 − In the fourth quarter of 2019 Polish furniture exports increased by 5% to €3.005bn. » more