Pepco main contributor to Steinhoff turnover growth

24.07.2020 − Turnover generated by Pepco Group (+12% to €3.4bn) was the main contributing factor to the 5% growth in total turnover from continued activities that was recorded by Steinhoff to €12bn.» more


Spain imports less living room furniture in Q1

20.07.2020 − In the first quarter Spanish imports of living room furniture decreased by 3.7% to €770.5m.» more

US manufacturers: significant declines in orders

16.07.2020 − Against the backdrop of the corona crisis, incoming orders in April for US furniture manufacturers in the residential sector plummeted by 61% to US$884m.» more

France: furniture trade turnover plummeted

15.07.2020 − Corona-related closure of traditional retail stores caused a collapse in turnover of 84.9% for the French furniture trade in April. » more

US sales of kitchen/bathroom cabinets declined

13.07.2020 − US manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom cabinets were confronted with significant declines in April. » more

Turnover of US furniture trade drops by one fifth in May

06.07.2020 − In May turnover of the US furniture retail trade, adjusted to account for seasonal effects and the different number of trading days, dropped by 21.5% to US$7.722bn.» more

Swedish furniture exports similar to last year

02.07.2020 − In the first quarter Swedish furniture exports, at SEK4.576bn, were at approximately the same level as last year. » more

Wren Kitchens plans to open twelve new stores

30.06.2020 − In July and August British kitchen furniture manufacturer Wren Kitchens plans to open four showrooms in Worcester, Wakefield, Wolverhampton and Peterborough. » more

American Woodmark’s profit impaired by stoppages

29.06.2020 − The net profit of the US kitchen and bathroom-furniture manufacturer American Woodmark fell by 9m US$ in the fourth quarter of its business year 2019/2020 to 13.0m US$:» more

Q1 kitchen exports correspond to preceding year

26.06.2020 − In the first quarter, German kitchen furniture exports very slightly exceeded the preceding year’s figure, by 0.2% to €509.1m. » more

Turnover decline in furniture industry continues

25.06.2020 − Turnover development in the German furniture industry, which had already been declining in January and February, continued at a slightly slower pace in March. » more

Conforama: But offer could be submitted soon

22.06.2020 − The trade unions of French furniture retail chain Conforama meanwhile prefer a takeover by competitor But International to a state-guaranteed loan. » more

Kitchen furniture industry expects subdued demand

19.06.2020 − After the majority of German kitchen furniture manufacturers had concluded the first quarter with increases in incoming orders, demand slackened off considerably in the following weeks.» more

US furniture imports decline by 7%

15.06.2020 − In the first quarter US furniture imports decreased by 7% to US$11.574bn vis à vis the comparative quarter last year.» more

Demand for kitchens slackens off in China

12.06.2020 − Within the scope of the corona crisis demand for kitchens in China has slackened off quite noticeably. » more

Turnover in French furniture trade plummets by 50%

08.06.2020 − In March turnover in the French furniture retail trade dropped by 51.6%. » more

Russia imported 3% more furniture last year

05.06.2020 − Russian furniture imports increased by 3% to US$1.974bn last year. » more

Knoll’s sales revenues reduced by works closures

01.06.2020 − The works closures in the USA and Italy in the second half of March in connection with the corona crisis have reduced the sales revenue of the US office furniture manufacturer Knoll by roughly 12m $. » more

Short-time work at 80% of furniture manufacturers

28.05.2020 − In April 2020, as expected, the temporary closure of the brick-and-mortar furniture trade led to relatively extensive consequences for the German furniture industry.» more

US furniture industry records turnover rise in February

21.05.2020 − Following a 3% decline in January 2020, turnover of the US furniture industry in the residential area increased again in February by 4% to US$2.219bn in February. » more

Furniture manufacturers introduced short-time working

18.05.2020 − As expected, the temporary cessation of stationary furniture trading in April led to far-reaching effects on the German furniture industry; just under 80% of the companies introduced short-time working.» more

Polish furniture exports up 5% in fourth quarter

14.05.2020 − In the fourth quarter of 2019 Polish furniture exports increased by 5% to €3.005bn. » more

Steinhoff postpones balance sheet date and AGM

20.04.2020 − Steinhoff International Holdings will not publish the audited consolidated financial statements for the 2019 financial year on April 30 as planned, but probably two months later on June 30.» more

Kitchen furniture exports increase by 2.2%

20.03.2020 − In 2019 German kitchen furniture exports increased by 2.2% vis à vis the previous year to €2.092bn.» more

Furniture industry records turnover rise in December

18.03.2020 − Following the negative development recorded in October (-1.5%) as well as November (-3.9%), in December turnover of the German furniture industry actually surpassed the preceding year’s figure again.» more