China: 2020 EU furniture imports decline by 10%

02.06.2021 − In 2020 Chinese furniture imports from the EU decreased by 10% to €1.057bn.» more


Swedish furniture exports decline by 3%

28.05.2021 − In the fourth quarter of 2020, the value of Swedish furniture exports - at SEK5.054bn - stagnated at approximately the same level as the preceding year. » more

Double-figure decline in Kimball’s sales revenue

21.05.2021 − Sales revenue generated by Kimball International in the third quarter of its business year 2020/2021 fell sharply by 22 % to US$138.7m.» more

Order value for kitchens increase by 4.6% in 2020

13.05.2021 − The average order value of a kitchen sold via the German retail trade increased further in 2020, by €425 - or 4.6% - to €9,678. » more

Veriset ramps up new line according to schedule

10.05.2021 − Swiss kitchen manufacturer Veriset ramped up the new production line at company headquarters in Root, which was commissioned at the beginning of 2021, according to schedule by early April.» more

Belgium: imports increase for first time in Q4

06.05.2021 − In the fourth quarter, the value of Belgian furniture imports increased by 8% to €615.8m. » more

RiverRock seeks co-investor for Neue Alno

03.05.2021 − RiverRock European Capital Partners is looking for a co-investor for Neue Alno. » more

Natuzzi and TTF plan sales cooperation in Asia

30.04.2021 − Natuzzi and Vietnamese Truong Thanh Furniture Corporation (TTF) plan to cooperate in the APAC region. » more

Snaidero sells Rational to Bravat Group

29.04.2021 − With effect of 1 April, the Bravat Group has taken over Rational Einbauküchen as well as its subsidiaries Rational Built-in Kitchens and Regina within the scope of an asset deal.» more

MHK Group: turnover for 2020 up at double-digit rate

28.04.2021 − In the 2020 financial year, MHK Group generated gross turnover of €7.657bn. » more

USA: incoming orders increase again

23.04.2021 − The clearly positive development concerning incoming orders recorded by US furniture manufacturers in the residential sector since June has continued in the new year.» more

Meble Polska taking place as pure online fair

19.04.2021 − Owing to the current corona situation, Meble Polska, which had already been postponed in November 2020 by three months to the end of May, will be held as a purely online event. » more

Another change of ownership at Cabinetworks Group

16.04.2021 − Private equity company American Industrial Partners (AIP) is to sell The Cabinetworks Group to Platinum Equity. » more

Steinhoff: D&O insurers to pay up to €78.1m

13.04.2021 − Various liability insurers of former managers of Steinhoff International Holdings will contribute up to €78.1m to a part of the damage resulting from balance sheet manipulations. » more

Ashley Furniture opens new plant in Pottsville

12.04.2021 − At the end of February, Ashley Furniture Industries opened a new production location for upholstered furniture in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. » more

Polipol to consolidate Hukla production in Wagrowiec

09.04.2021 − Polipol Group is to close its factory in Torgelow on 30 September. At present, approximately 100 employees produce armchairs of the Hukla brand at the location. » more

IMA Schelling supplies batch-size-1 line to Sedus Stoll

06.04.2021 − Sedus Stoll plans to invest a total of approximately €20m in the expansion of production areas as well as establishment of a second batch-size-1 line for cabinet furniture production.» more

Sachsenküchen plans to invest approximately €12m

29.03.2021 − Sachsenküchen H.-J. Ebert intends to invest approximately €12m by the end of 2022. » more

Nowy Styl to terminate production in Ebermannsdorf

23.03.2021 − Nowy Styl Group is to terminate production in Ebermannsdorf. » more

Howdens almost offsets declines in Great Britain

22.03.2021 − In the 2020 financial year, total turnover of Howden Joinery Group (Howdens) decreased by 2.3% to £1.548bn.» more

Steinhoff to divest remaining Conforama activities

19.03.2021 − Steinhoff International Holdings also intends to divest the furniture retail chain’s activities in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Luxembourg, Croatia and Serbia. » more

German furniture producers bemoan extra Brexit red tape

18.03.2021 − German furniture companies are criticising extra administrative work involved in exporting to the UK because of Brexit. » more

Ikea opens first store and online shop in Slovenia

15.03.2021 − On 25 February the Ingka Group opened its first Ikea store in Slovenia. » more

Team 7 increases 2020 turnover by 7% to €101m

11.03.2021 − In the 2020 financial year, Team 7 increased net turnover by 7% to €101m. Up to now, the company had always recorded invoiced turnover, which in 2019 had remained stable at €99m. » more

Production launched in the two new Nobilia plants

08.03.2021 − At the end of 2020 Nobilia commenced operations at the two plants - each of which was constructed over the course of the last two years - in Gütersloh-Spexard (plant III) and Saarlouis (plant V).» more

Furniture industry: turnover well up at end of year

05.03.2021 − Already observable since the third quarter, the strong growth in incoming orders within the German furniture industry became increasingly evident in the turnover figures towards the end of the year. » more

Manufacturers do better on the domestic market

04.03.2021 − In the 2020 financial year, the three large kitchen furniture manufacturers Nobilia, Häcker and Schüller again developed along better lines than the industry as a whole. » more

Russia imports 5% less furniture in Q3

23.02.2021 − In the third quarter of 2020, the value of Russian furniture imports decreased by 5% vis à vis the preceding year to US$467.5m.» more

Retail closures leaving their mark on output after all

22.02.2021 − German furniture manufacturers have ended up having to adjust their output, after all, to reflect reduced ordering in the wake of restrictions imposed on furniture shops since the beginning of January. » more

Further growth for furniture industry in Germany, abroad

16.02.2021 − The upward trend in the German furniture industry, which has been ongoing since August, intensified in November. » more