Austria increases furniture production to €2.086bn

15.07.2019 − In 2018 Austrian furniture production reached a total value of €2.086bn and therefore surpassed the preceding year’s figure by 4.9%.» more


VDM aiming to prompt scrutiny of EU subsidies in Poland

03.07.2019 − In several talks with political decision-takers at the EU level , the association of the German furniture industry wants to discuss subsidies for the Polish furniture industry paid from the EU Structural Funds.» more

Vilniaus Baldai builds new plant for Ikea deliveries

25.06.2019 − The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Citadele Banka Lithuania have granted a loan totalling € 37m to Vilniaus Baldai for the construction of a plant for ready-to-assemble furniture.» more

DoC postpones ruling on kitchen furniture imports

21.06.2019 − The US Department of Commerce (DoC) has delayed a preliminary decision about whether to impose countervailing duties (CVD) on imports of kitchen furniture and furniture parts from China until 5 August.» more

Subsidy fraud: companies in Poland under suspicion

17.06.2019 − The Polish Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA) in Gdansk has arrested a total of 17 people throughout Poland on suspicion of subsidy fraud. » more

Kitchen exports increased by 3.2% in the first quarter

05.06.2019 − German exports of kitchen furniture also increased in the first quarter and, at € 505.0m, were up 3.2% on the previous year in value terms. » more

Kitchen furniture exports compensate domestic decline

30.05.2019 − In March domestic turnover of the German kitchen furniture industry, at €255.6m (-0.9%), fell short of the preceding year’s figure for the second consecutive time. » more

Freda invests €42m in new factory in Kaunas

23.05.2019 − On 20 March Lithuanian Freda opened a cabinet furniture factory, including a warehouse, in the FEZ Kaunas special economic zone.» more

Knoll: growth in sales from office furniture up again

17.05.2019 − Revenue generated from sales of office furniture by US-American Knoll rose by 9.2 % in the first quarter to 202.2m US$.» more

Nobia organic turnover decreased by 1%

16.05.2019 − In the first quarter of 2019 Swedish Nobia group generated turnover of SEK3.469bn. » more

Kitchen industry again exceeds €11 bn mark

14.05.2019 − In 2018, the German kitchen industry achieved a turnover of € 11.43 bn (including electrical appliances, sinks and accessories). » more

Nowy Styl is successful for insolvent Majencia S.A.

13.05.2019 − The Polish Nowy Styl Group has been awarded the takeover of the insolvent French office furniture manufacturer Majencia, which went bankrupt at the end of November.» more

Steinhoff posts net loss of just under € 4bn

13.05.2019 − Steinhoff International Holdings reports a net loss of € 3.994bn in the consolidated financial statements for the 2016/2017 business year published more than one year late.» more

Furniture industry achieves slight sales growth in February

10.05.2019 − The German furniture industry also generated a slight increase in sales in February compared to the same month last year. » more

Howdens improves turnover by raising prices

09.05.2019 − In the first four months British kitchen furniture manufacturer and dealer Howden Joinery Group (Howdens) achieved a turnover increase of 5.7% vis à vis the preceding year.» more

US furniture industry with decline in sales and orders

06.05.2019 − US furniture manufacturers reported in the residential segment a decline of 3% to US$ 2.134bn for February compared with the previous year.» more

Steinhoff Group must make value adjustment

02.05.2019 − Steinhoff International Holdings has to make write-downs of €1.8bn on its intangible assets and goodwill as of September 30, 2017. » more

USA: 2% increase in kitchen cupboard turnover

29.04.2019 − In 2018 US manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom cupboards generated turnover of US$7.3bn. » more

DoC to investigate kitchen furniture imports

25.04.2019 − On 27 March the US Department of Commerce (DoC) launched an investigation into anti-dumping (AD)/countervailing duty (CVD) concerning imports of kitchen furniture and furniture items from China.» more

Nowy Styl is interested in taking over Majencia

23.04.2019 − Three takeover bids were submitted for the French office furniture manufacturer Majencia. » more

Schmidt Groupe has increased production sales by 4%

16.04.2019 − The French Schmidt Groupe, which also includes Schmidt Küchen GmbH & Co. KG, generated production sales of € 563m in the 2018 financial year. » more

Insolvent Wellemöbel stopped operations on 01 April

11.04.2019 − Business activity of insolvent Wellemöbel has had to be discontinued with effect as per 01 April. » more

Steelcase records further rapid turnover growth

08.04.2019 − In the fourth quarter of the 2018/2019 financial year (end of February), growth of Steelcase further accelerated. » more

20.8 % growth in German furniture industry since 2005

05.04.2019 − The German furniture industry boosted its sales revenue by a total of 20.8 % between 2005 and 2018. » more

MHK exceeds €6bn turnover mark for first time

01.04.2019 − The purchasing cooperation MHK Group achieved sales of over € 6bn for the first time in the 2018 financial year. » more

Ikea supplier GABI to build plant in Belarus

28.03.2019 − GABI-BEL LLC, part of the Polish upholstered furniture manufacturer Fabryka Mebli GABI, plans to build a new upholstered furniture factory in Grodno, Belarus. » more

Snaidero founds joint venture in China

26.03.2019 − The Italian kitchen manufacturer Snaidero has set up a joint venture with the Beijing-based retailer Hi-Season Trading. » more

US kitchen manufacturers file suit against China

22.03.2019 − The American Kitchen Cabinet Alliance (AKCA) filed an anti-dumping action against China with the US Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission (ITC) on 6 March.» more

German furniture exports reach a total of €10.9bn

21.03.2019 − In 2018 German furniture exports increased by 2.2% vis à vis the previous year to €10.919bn.» more

Masco reviews alternatives for kitchen and window business

18.03.2019 − The US consumer goods producer Masco is set to part ways with the two smallest of its four divisions: its kitchen furniture business and window, door, plastic profile and glass activities: » more