Belarus: furniture exports increase in fourth quarter

Following increases in the first (+32%), second (+88%) and third (+33%) quarters of 2021, Belarusian furniture exports continued to increase in the fourth quarter, by 35% to US$268.9m. In this context, at +46% to US$148.4m, growth in deliveries to the CIS states and especially to Russia (+48% to US$122.3m) was approximately twice as high as for exports to the EU. Deliveries to Ukraine, starting from a low level, doubled to US$8.2m, thus continuing the growth trend of the previous quarters (Q1: +122%, Q2: +352%, Q3: +287%). Exports to the EU rose by 22% to US$110.2m compared to the corresponding period in the preceding year. Here, significant increases were recorded in exports to countries such as Germany (+20% to US$35.0m) and Poland (+22% to US$33.9m). Declines were reported for deliveries to countries such as Lithuania (-10% to US$8.7m) and the Netherlands (-64% to US$1.5m).

Over the entire period of 2021, Belarusian furniture exports increased by 44% vis à vis the preceding year to US$929.9m. The increase recorded for the CIS states, of 45% to US$486.3m, was slightly higher than for the EU, where an increase of 39% to US$400.0m was recorded.

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