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ZM Opportunity sells all shares in Bauwerk Boen to EGSB

02.02.2018 − 

Swiss investment company EGSB is to take over all shares in Bauwerk Boen, which had previously been held by ZM Opportunity II LP (Jersey). EGSB thus becomes majority shareholder of the parquet manufacturer.

The Bauwerk Boen shares held by ZM Opportunity II LP have until now been controlled by Swiss Patrimonium Private Equity, previously Zurmont Madison Private Equity. With takeover of these shares, according to an ad-hoc communication issued on 18 January, EGSB will in future hold 64.8% of the share capital in Bauwerk Boen, thus virtually doubling their interest in the company.

The largest minority shareholder remains Norwegian Johan G. Olsen Group with a share of 33.2%. The remaining 2% of shares are in free float. No change is to take place in the management team of Bauwerk Boen under CEO Klaus Brammertz following the transfer of shares. The group strategy is also to continue unchanged.

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