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Tarkett’s 2020 EBITDA margin to reach last year’s figure

22.10.2020 − 

In the third quarter, total sales revenue generated by Tarkett fell further below the figure for the same period of last year. According to a trading update published at the end of September, only the “CIS, APAC, Latin America” achieved some degree of growth in sales revenue. In “EMEA” and “North America”, although the reduction in sales revenue turned out to be lower than in the second quarter, the figures fell short of a year earlier again by a single and double-figure percentage, respectively. The activities in the “Sports” division were impaired, as expected, by postponed, shelved, and cancelled projects, causing sales revenue here, too, to fall by a double-figure percentage.

The provisional figures at hand at the moment show that the adjusted EBITDA margin in the third quarter is likely to be better than in the same period of last year (12.9 %). For the year as a whole and in spite of the anticipated, slightly double-figure losses in consolidated sales revenue, the figure will be almost on par with the level of 9.4 % reached in 2019. The cost savings of more than €45m for the whole year striven for partly by means of structural measures are to contribute to this. Tarkett is also aiming to cut its raw-material costs in the second half-year by €15m.

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