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Tarkett turnover also declines in fourth quarter

25.03.2021 − 

Tarkett recorded a 7.9% turnover decline to €619.1m in the fourth quarter, and thus again remained below the comparative figure of the preceding year. This means that all individual quarters in the 2020 financial year developed along negative lines. Following the declines recorded in Q1 (-2.2%), Q2 (-20.5%) and Q3 (-14.4%), however, the rate of decline has recently slowed down again. In the fourth quarter weaker development was due mainly to currency effects; turnover adjusted to account for this effect decreased only slightly by 1.5%. In the preceding months, turnover had been burdened primarily by the effects of the corona crisis as well as a hacker attack in the second quarter, whilst currency effects had not been of major significance. Declines in organic turnover had been indicated at -2.9% (Q1), -20.3% (Q2) and -10.5% (Q3).

Although sales conditions for Tarkett in the fourth quarter were better than expected, especially in the residential segment, turnover declined in all regions. In the EMEA division, turnover dropped by 5.1% to €205.3m; in organic terms the decline amounted to 4.7%. Market development in Germany and France was highlighted as a positive example. In the North America division, €152.3m was generated, representing a decline of 8.5% and of 1.3% in organic terms. In the CIS, APAC & LATAM division, turnover decreased by 7.7% to €148.4m due to currency effects; organically, however, a 6.3% increase was recorded. In the sports division, which consolidates business with sport flooring, turnover was down 12.2% to €113.0m, organic turnover declined by 6.2%.

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