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Polish window industry increased exports by 9%

09.08.2018 − 

According to a survey by the Polish market research agency Centrum Analiz Branzowych (CAB), around 7m window units were exported from Poland last year. The previous year's figure was thus exceeded by around 9 %.

Polish manufacturers can achieve significantly higher sales prices abroad than in Poland. In France, the highest selling price for plastic windows was achieved in 2017 with an average of € 241 per window unit (1 unit = 1.69 m²). In total, the average export price for Polish PVC windows was 180 €/unit; in Germany the price was 192 €/unit.

CAB indicates the export price for wooden windows from Poland at 229 €/unit. Metal windows averaged 465 €/FE. Highest prices were paid for wooden windows in Ireland and Great Britain and for metal windows in Germany.

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