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Mohawk planning to scale back its investments

15.03.2019 − 

Mohawk Industries is set to invest much less in 2019 than in previous years. In a presentation accompanying its 2018 financials, its planned investment volume (excluding acquisitions) was put at US$550m-580m. According to Mohawk’s financial report, which was published on 28 February, internal investments had already tumbled to US$794.1m last year. Mohawk had invested a total of US$672.1m in 2016.

The Flooring Rest of the World division ran counter to the trend last year. The firm had invested US$144.2m in this area in 2016, compared with US$221.8m in 2017 and US$232.9m in 2018. Investments in the Flooring North America division fell to US$262.7m last year, while the Global Ceramics division invested US$281.1m. Flooring NA had invested US$248.8m in 2016, while Global Ceramic had spent US$263.4m. Total investments thus reached US$672.1m in 2016. These overall figures also include group-level investments, which had not altered much at roughly US$16m-17m annually in the past few years.

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