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Inwido records further growth in third quarter

02.12.2020 − 

Swedish window and door group Inwido increased group turnover in the third quarter by 3% to SEK1.716bn. Adjusted to account for currency effects, organic turnover rose by 4%. This represents an increase in the growth rate by comparison with the two preceding quarters. In the second quarter, turnover growth of around 1% had been achieved. In the first quarter, turnover had been roughly on par with the level of the preceding year, while a slight decline had actually been recorded at organic level.

Inwido’s results increased significantly again in the third quarter. At SEK240m, the highest quarterly EBITA to date was achieved. The adjusted EBITA improved by 21.7% to SEK247m, corresponding to a margin of 14.0%. The EBIT increased by 19.2% to SEK236m. Similar rates of increase were also achieved concerning pre-tax profit, at SEK218m, and net profit, at SEK177m. Incoming orders increased by approximately 7% in the current reporting period; growth was recorded in both divisions, with Inwido South contributing a more significant +13% compared to Inwido North’s +3%. As of the end of the quarter, Inwido’s total orders in hand amounted to US$1.308bn, an increase of 18%.

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