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Insolvent Hoco terminates operations

26.07.2019 − 

On 05 July insolvency administrator Jochen Zaremba dismissed most of the remaining 20 employees of Hoco Fenster und Haustüren. Business operations were terminated following completion of the final orders. The premises are to be vacated by the end of July.

Zaremba announced the measures which have now been implemented at the end of June. At that time, orders in hand were expected to last until 10 July. Discussions with a party interested in the front door production are still underway. At the end of June, however, Zaremba already indicated that difficulties had been encountered in these discussions.

After the filing of the insolvency application on 26 February and the opening of proceedings by the district court of Landshut on 01 April, in an initial step Zaremba reduced staff by 90 down to 120 employees. Window production was then terminated on 17 May. Zaremba subsequently continued production of front doors only, initially with 35 employees. In parallel, discussions were held with two interested parties.

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