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Headlam improves key figures in first half of year

04.09.2017 − 

In the first half British Headlam Group increased its turnover by 4.0% to £341.9m. In the second quarter, however, turnover was only just above the preceding year, following a 6.9% increase in the first quarter. Adjusted to account for currency effects, growth in the reporting period amounts to 2.6%. Headlam generated 68.0% of its turnover with flooring from the residential segment and 32.0% from the commercial segment.

According to the half yearly report published on 21 August, key figures were also improved. Operating profit increased by 11.8% to £17.1m. Pre-tax profit rose by 11.2% to £16.8m and net profit increased by some 13% compared to the preceding year at £13.7m.

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