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Germany: Exterior door market exceeds expectations

18.06.2020 − 

The number of exterior doors sold in Germany in 2019 increased by 1.9% to 1.462m. With this result from the study, updated regularly, carried out at regular intervals by market research institute Heinze on behalf of the four sector associations VFF, Pro-K, FV S+B and BF, former forecasts were surpassed. In spring Heinze had initially expected a sales increase of 1.7%. In the autumn forecast, however, the outlook was only for growth to the amount of 1.3%.

All construction segments contributed to the increase. An over-average increase of 3.8% to 306,300 exterior doors is recorded in the study for non-residential buildings. In residential construction, the sales volume increased by 1.3% to 1.155m doors. In the entire area of new construction 506,500 exterior doors were fitted, corresponding to an increase of 2.5%. The sales volume in the renovations segment increased by 1.5% to 955,300 units.

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