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Europe: Parquet markets show show slight overall growth

17.05.2017 − 

European parquet markets again showed slight overall growth in the first quarter. The board of directors of the European Parquet Industry Federation (FEP) came to that conclusion at its last meeting on 27 April. This means that the positive business trend of the last two years has continued.

The turnaround came in 2015, after preceding years had been characterized by decline. 2015 had seen a slight rise in consumption for the first time since 2011, at plus 0.5%. First estimates for 2016, which were presented by the FEP at the beginning of 2017, showed that parquet consumption in Europe had risen again by 2%. Final production and consumption figures for 2016 will be presented in mid-June at the general meeting of the FEP in Budapest (Hungary).

In its latest market assessment for the first quarter, the FEP makes statements on a total of twelve individual markets, indicating growth in six countries and a stable situation in the others. The growth markets were Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the Scandinavian markets in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

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