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Classen suing two IVC companies in the US

26.09.2017 − 

The Classen group is continuing its actions against sub-licensees of Välinge Innovation with a patent in-fringement suit filed in the US against the Mohawk subsidiaries IVC US and IVC N.V. In the case filed with the US Court for the North District of Georgia via Akzenta Paneele+Profile GmbH, Classen accuses the two IVC companies of infringing US patents 7.146.772, 8.544.231, 9.175.475, and 9.695.851 with its Moduleo luxury vinyl tiles.

Classen believes that IVC is attempting to avoid paying licence fees for the patents held by Akzenta by enter-ing into a sub-licence with Välinge Innovation and its Belgian subsidiary Välinge Innovation Belgium. How-ever, Classen believed that Välinge Innovation was not entitled to award sub-licences of this kind for the LVT sector. Akzenta had levelled similar claims in a case that it filed against the Strub/Alsapan group in front of the Düsseldorf District Court in August.

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