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Belgian vinyl flooring exports leapt in 2016

22.12.2017 − 

In 2016, the Belgian flooring industry exported vinyl flooring with a total value of €573.7m. According to a presentation from the industry federation Fedustria Germany (€131.8m) and France (€120.0m) were the biggest export markets. The UK was some distance behind with €73.0m. Exports to the US (€45.8m) will likely grow more slowly after two Belgian companies commissioned facilities in North America. The Netherlands was the fifth-largest export market for Belgian vinyl flooring with a total of €36.5m in 2016.

The Fedustria statistics show that the value of exports had leapt 32% in the past two years based on 2014’s total of €432.9m. This growth was spurred by the five biggest export markets to similar degrees. Germany received vinyl flooring valued at €98.6m in 2014. The federation reported exports of €96.1m to France, €59.7m to the UK, €32.2m to the US and €25.4m to the Netherlands in that year.

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