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Association expects slight increase for windows

09.11.2020 − 

Following development along more positive lines in recent months, VFF has raised its sales forecast, which had still been negative in May. As already noted in spring, however, there are to be major shifts between the individual market segments.

According to the current forecast, window sales in German housing construction are expected to increase by 2.2% compared to the preceding year, while a decline of 2.6% is anticipated in non-residential construction. In housing construction, the VFF expects an almost parallel development of sales in new construction (+2.0%) and in renovation (+2.3%). In non-residential construction, by contrast, sales of windows in new construction are expected to fall by 4.2%, a decline significantly greater than that expected in renovation (-0.5%). The sales declines in non-residential construction are also reflected in the disproportionately large drop in sales of metal windows. On the other hand, sales of PVC, wood and wood/aluminium windows are expected to develop more positively.

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