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Arbonia’s German door factories at near full capacity

10.09.2020 − 

In the first half, Swiss building supplier Arbonia generated turnover of CHF644.9m. As already indicated in a preliminary report in mid-July, turnover fell 6.3% short of the previous year’s figure; adjusted to account for currency fluctuations, the decline was much lower, at 1.7%. Following positive development in the comparative period last year (+6.6%, adjusted to account for currency fluctuations +1.4%), group turnover therefore fell back to the level recorded in the first half of 2018.

At group level, all results figures exceeded the respective figure recorded in the preceding year. According to Arbonia, the higher profitability was partially due to a more favourable cost structure achieved through investment in system automation, as well as the relocation of production from western to eastern Europe implemented in recent years. In addition, insourcing of upstream production stages also contributed significantly to the improvement in results. The EBITDA and EBIT increased by 12.6% to CHF54.4m and by 76.7% to CHF13.3m respectively. Excluding special effects, growth (EBITDA +6.1% to CHF55.5m, EBIT: +24.8% to CHF 14.4m) was less pronounced. In the first half year the group result also improved by one third to CHF4.6m, however, adjusted to account for extraordinary items, it fell short of the preceding year’s figure (-20.5% to CHF5.5m).

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