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Arbonia: Improved earnings and sales for doors

17.08.2018 − 

The Swiss building supplier Arbonia generated sales growth of 15.1% to Sfr181.1m in its Doors Division in the first half of the year; currency-adjusted growth amounted to 7.7%. EBIT of this division increased to Sfr9.7m. EBITDA improved to Sfr20.1m or adjusted for special effects to Sfr20.6m.

In the "Windows" division, Arbonia also achieved a 16.5% increase in sales to Sfr165.7m, although some of the results here deteriorated. At Sfr -7.3m, EBIT slipped further into the red. EBITDA increased to Sfr1.6m, but adjusted for special effects and positive currency effects EBITDA was only Sfr-2.5m. The company attributes the pressure on the results primarily to the relocation of production of wooden window production from the Swiss site in Altstätten to the site of the German subsidiary Wertbau in Langenwetzendorf. Langenwetzendorf is to function as a new wood competence centre; however, due to delays in the start-up of production, Arbonia still has to maintain part of its production in Altstätten.

Group sales rose by 15.6% to Sfr645.6m in the first half of the year. EBIT rose by 76.4% to Sfr12.1m; excluding special factors, EBIT of Sfr8.4m was around 12% above the previous year. Consolidated net income increased to Sfr6.7m.

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