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Arbonia concludes syndicated loan agreement

20.11.2020 − 

On 9 November Arbonia, which operates in the door business as well as other areas, concluded a new syndicated loan agreement for CHF250m with a five-year term and the option to be renewed twice. The new agreement, which has been concluded with an international consortium of banks led by UBS, Credit Suisse and ZKB, is to replace the syndicated loan agreement for CHF350m, which expires on 14 September 2021, ahead of schedule. This loan was granted in September 2016, also with a term of five years. The new loan was concluded according to more favourable conditions for Arbonia, which means that, in combination with the lower volume of the loan, it will involve lower financial expenses in future.

The second important financing instrument of the Arbonia Group, in addition to the syndicated loan agreement, is a promissory note loan concluded in April 2018, with a total volume of €125m and divided into three tranches with terms of five, seven and ten years respectively.

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