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Arbonia: Business picked up in the second half of the year

18.01.2021 − 

Arbonia is set to wrap up the second half of 2020 with a growth in revenues of around 2%. Adjusted for currency effects, revenues were projected to climb by at least 4%. Business has thus strengthened compared with the first half of the year. The company had suffered falling revenues in a variety of markets, such as Italy, France, the Benelux region and Poland in the wake of the pandemic starting in mid-March. All told, revenues decreased by 6.3% or 1.7% when adjusted for currency effects in the first six months.

Arbonia expected to end 2020 with a decrease in revenues of about 2% and a small organic growth. EBITDA was forecast to reach roughly CHF150m. The EBITDA margin would jump to about 11 % as a result. Arbonia raised the prospect of considerable growth in EBIT, net profits and free cash flow.

In an outlook, Arbonia pointed to favourable trends in its product mix and measures to improve its productivity. A recovery in demand that surfaced starting in June left its mark in almost all sales markets and product areas. In particular, the company underscored a positive performance in its two core markets, Switzerland and Germany. Arbonia had originally predicted an organic growth in revenues of around 3% and an improvement in the EBITDA margin to about 10% in 2020. Its guidance was temporarily suspended in spring.

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