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Amorim Revestimentos now called Amorim Cork Flooring

07.08.2020 − 

Amorim Revestimentos, which is responsible for flooring manufacturing with the Portuguese cork group Corticeira Amorim, has been known as Amorim Cork Flooring since the start of the year. This subsidiary is still headquartered in Sao Paio de Oleiros. It was renamed as part of celebrations to make its 150th year in business; other subsidiaries were also given English names at the same time.

In addition to its main location in Sao Paio de Oleiros, Amorim Cork Flooring has another site in Lourosa that mainly makes upstream products for flooring production and is also used as a central warehouse. It has a total capacity of approximately 12 million m² per year. The flooring manufacturer currently has a staff of 395 workers in Portugal, along with 120 employees at sales branches outside Portugal. The company sells its flooring under the Wicanders, Corklife and Amorim Wise brands. Amorim Wise, a water-resilient flooring with a PVC-free rigid core, has been available since 2019.

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