Inwido records sales increases in both divisions

Inwido raised its sales revenue in the first three months of the current financial year by 13.5 % to SEK1.644bn. That is the highest value the company has ever achieved in the first quarter. Adjusted for currency effects Inwido even reports sales growth of around 18 %. Record values have also been achieved with regard to the results figures. The EBITA jumped to SEK121m and the EBITA margin more than doubled to 7.3 %. The EBIT amounted to SEK116.4m. At SEK127.7m and SEK 99.3m respectively, pre-tax earnings and the net result also improved considerably.

Both business units contributed to the growth achieved. The “Inwido North” division which had seen a decline in the previous year boosted sales by 11 % to SEK887m. Adjusted for currency effects growth amounted to 13 %. Whereas sales in Sweden and Norway rose they fell short of the preceding year’s level in Finland. Private customer business accounted for some 60 % or SEK 493m of the division’s external sales and industrial customer business for 40 % or SEK 383m. Following the loss in the prior year with regard to the EBITA, Inwido North succeeded in achieving growth of SEK26m in the current reporting period raising the corresponding margin to 2.9 %. The “Inwido South” division including the other countries such as Denmark, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Poland as well as the e-commerce business improved its sales revenue by 19 % to SEK717m. Adjusted sales revenue amounted to 25 %. At a share of 91 % or SEK650m, the division is primarily geared towards the private customer business. Growth of 34 % was achieved through the company-owned online shops.

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