Headlam: significant improvement in half-year figures

In the first six months, Headlam Group recorded turnover of £329.9m, corresponding to growth of 45.2% vis à vis the comparative period of the preceding year. The corona-related declines suffered by the company during the first half of 2020 were thus almost offset. Following a rather poor start in the new year, business continuously improved over the course of the reporting period. Turnover contributions from Swiss subsidiary Belcolor Flooring - which was sold on 17 May - were no longer included.

In the UK business division, Headlam achieved turnover of £287.9m, representing an increase of 49.1%. Thus, 87.3% of total turnover was generated in Great Britain. A large proportion of this turnover was generated with residential floor coverings, for which an increase of 53.4% to £200.0m was recorded. Commercial products contributed £87.9m to UK turnover. In the Continental Europe business division - which, following the sale of Belcolor, still includes the companies La Maison du Sol (LMS) in France and Headlam B.V. in the Netherlands - turnover increased by 23.2% to £42.0m. This corresponds to 12.7% of group turnover. Turnover generated with residential products rose by 22.5% to £26.1m. In the commercial segment, turnover growth of 24.2% to £15.9m (12.8m) was recorded. Overall, Headlam generated 68.5% of its group turnover during the reporting period with residential products and 31.5% with commercial products.

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