Dovista to also push expansion in Central Europe

Dovista, which belongs to VKR Holding, is to expand its presence in Germany with the acquisition of Weru Group, announced on 6 July. The first step towards expansion in Central Europe was taken in January. At that time, Dovista reached an agreement with Arbonia to take over Arbonia’s window division. This purchase was supposed to have been concluded during the course of the second quarter. Approval from the Polish antitrust authorities has not yet been obtained, however. This situation is apparently soon to be rectified. The German Federal Cartel Office approved the transaction on 25 January; the relevant Slovakian authority has also given its approval. Closing, therefore, could still take place in July.

Through the acquisition of Arbonia’s window division, Dovista will acquire the four production companies Wertbau, Dobroplast, EgoKiefer and Slovaktual as well as the company Webcom Management, which is active in the area of e-commerce. The Dovista Group presently consists of nine subsidiaries, which operate plants in Denmark, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

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