Dovista poised to acquire Weru Group too

Dovista, a VKR subsidiary, is planning to acquire Weru Group. This move comes after it integrated the Window division of Arbonia, in the first quarter. Dovista inked an agreement with Weru’s current majority owner, HIG Capital, in early July.

HIG Capital had invested in Weru at the end of 2013. Back then, the firm operated two plants in Germany, employed around 1,000 people and generated revenues of about €143m. Annual output had been listed at roughly 460,000 windows and 14,300 house doors. Unilux, a company based in Salmtal specialising in wooden and wood-aluminium windows and doors, had been acquired in two instalments in spring 2014. Based on information available at that time, the group had about 460 employees and booked revenues of almost €58m in the 2012 financial year. Weru Group presently employs about 1,100 workers at its three German production facilities.
Weru Group posted a 1.9% growth in revenues to €162.4m in the 2020 financial year, according to its annual report, which was published in early May. Windows accounted for €131.0m or 80.7 % of total revenues, entrance doors for €25.7m or 15.8 %, and other revenues for €5.7m. German revenues rose by 3.5% to €126.5m , a somewhat larger increase than the growth in total revenues. Other EU member states contributed €17.9m, the rest of Europe €16.0m and other countries €2.0m.

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