Bauwerk Group: results more than double

In the first half, Bauwerk Group increased its parquet sales by more than 12% to around 4.7m m². Consolidated group turnover, at CHF153.8m, exceeded the previous year’s figure by as much as 19.9%. Adjusted to account for currency fluctuations, an increase of 17.1% was achieved. Due to the corona crisis, declines in the double-digit percentage range had been recorded concerning both turnover and sales volumes in the first half of 2020. Sales volumes had dropped by around 10% and turnover by 12.3%. These declines were more than offset by the positive development achieved this year, meaning the comparative figures recorded during the first half of 2019 were also exceeded. At that time, Bauwerk Group had sold around 4.5m m², generating turnover of CHF146.2m. In the two-year comparison, Bauwerk Group thus grew by 5.2%.

Despite shortages of various upstream products as well as restrictions in supply chains, the cost of materials increased by 20.5% to CHF71.9m, and thus at a rate similar to turnover. Personnel costs (+8.4% to CHF33.4m) and other operational expenditure (+11.0% to CHF27.2m), on the other hand, rose at less significant rates. Write-downs declined to CHF5.7m, whilst the financial result improved to -CHF1.3m. According to the half-year report published on 29 September, results figures developed even more positively than turnover; the Bauwerk Group attributes this primarily to the continued productivity and efficiency improvements in the plants, the reduction in fixed costs achieved through the increase in sales volumes as well as price increases implemented to offset rising costs in the purchase of upstream products. EBITDA increased by 55.1% vis à vis last year to CHF20.8m; the corresponding margin rose by three percentage points to 13.5% (10.5%). EBIT doubled to CHF15.1m (7.6m). Pre-tax profit (+147.2% to CHF13.6m) and net earnings (+139.3% to CHF11.2m) increased even more significantly.

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