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Ten plants sold by Dieffenbacher by end of April

23.05.2018 − Dieffenbacher had already sold ten partial or full wood-based panel production plants by the end of April this year. » more


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USNR supplying band-saw line to Fiskarhedens Trävaru

23.05.2018 − US Natural Resources (USNR) is supplying a band-saw line to Swedish Fiskarhedens Trävaru. » more

Braviken sawmill commissions impregnation plant

22.05.2018 − Holmen’s Braviken sawmill has recently commissioned a pressure treatment plant designed with an annual capacity of 80,000m³ softwood lumber.» more

Forte’s profits down again in first quarter

22.05.2018 − According to provisional information, sales revenue generated by Polish Forte was 6 % up in the first quarter of its business year 2018 at 295m PLN. » more
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Tarkett posts lower revenues from three divisions

22.05.2018 − Tarkett ended the first quarter with a 7.2% slump in revenues to €567.9m because of unfavourable currency effects. » more

More timber traders taken over by Cairngorm Capital

21.05.2018 − British Cairngorm Capital Partners took over the timber trading company North Yorkshire Timber (NYTimber) on 15 February. » more

Decor paper converters depleting inventories again

17.05.2018 − Decor paper prices have levelled off, as buyers expected. This turn of event is having a growing impact on decor paper manufacturers’ order intake and sales. » more