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Möhringer supplies cutting line to Spacva

22.01.2019 − The Croatian wood industry company Spacva has commissioned Simon Möhringer with the construction and installation of an automatic cutting line. » more


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North America: EWP production has continued to decline

22.01.2019 − In the fourth quarter, the North American production of Engineered Wood Products (EWP) fell significantly compared with the same period last year. » more
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Scheucher has put production lines into operation

22.01.2019 − The Austrian parquet manufacturer Scheucher has completed its expansion project at its Mettersdorf headquarters. » more

Pino has doubled production volume

21.01.2019 − The kitchen furniture manufacturer Pino has been working two shifts again since the end of June 2018. » more

Kraslesinvest starts pellet production in March

18.01.2019 − Regular production at the new pellet plant of the Siberian wood industry company Kraslesinvest is scheduled to start in March.» more

Derome now partner in Eurobaustoff since 1 January

17.01.2019 − Swedish Derome joined the builders’ merchants’ alliance Eurobaustoff as a new partner with effect from 1 January 2019. » more

Broadview Holding also wants to acquire Formica Group

17.01.2019 − Broadview Holding is planning to buy the Formica Group with its management company Formica Corp.. » more