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France: satisfactory sales of softwood lumber

In the first quarter of 2019 French softwood sawmills recorded satisfactory sales development overall, according to sector association France Bois Forêt (Paris). Regarding prices, the development varied, however, according to sales region... more


High log prices only passed on to limited extent

According to French sawmills, the continuing high prices for hardwood logs can only be passed on partially to lumber customers. Suppliers, according to sector association France Bois Forêt (Paris) are finding themselves confronted by... more

Damage from snow breakage in

Bavaria greater than expected

The damage from breakage and pressure caused by the heavy snowfall in Bavaria’s forests in January has turned out to be more extensive than initially anticipated. Ralf Petercord, head of the forest protection department at the regional... more

Almost six-fold increase

in forest-fire area in 2018

At 2.349 ha (2017: 395 ha) the area damaged or destroyed by forest fires in Germany as a whole in 2018 was almost six times larger than a year earlier; it is also the largest area of damage since 1992.

The newspaper "Rheinisch... more

Above-average supply of green

side-cuts in central Europe

In spite of a mostly satisfactory level of general economic activity on the domestic market, an above-average supply exists on the central European sawn softwood markets at the end of the second quarter of 2019 as well; most affected by this... more

Demand for III/III maritime pine plywood still subdued

A slowdown in demand for lower-quality grades (III/III) that French maritime pine plywood manufacturers encountered towards the end of the first quarter persisted in the second quarter. According to market players, these maritime pine plywood... more

Okoumé plywood prices have risen by 3-4%

Prices for okoumé plywood made in Europe have increased for the first time in a long while. A variety of French manufacturers had first disclosed their plans to charge more in the first quarter. Their plans were motivated by higher raw... more

Fewer receipts of orders

in Italy and in export

Italian woodworking-machine manufacturers’ receipts of orders fell for the fourth time in succession in the first quarter of 2019. According to the quarterly survey performed by the industry association Acimall of Assago, the companies... more

Parquet imports to the EU increase again in 2018

Last year imports of parquet and wood flooring to the European Union continued to increase. The import volume rose by 12.4% to 28.405m m² (2017: 25.268m m²) and the import value by 7.4% to €489.8m (455.9m). This information is... more

Bundesverband ProHolzfenster

has new office in Berlin

The German wooden window association Bundesverband ProHolzfenster (BPH), based in Berlin, has moved its Berlin offices to the Federal Press Conference Centre on Schiffbauerdamm. The BPH is represented in Berlin by the agency KaiserCommunication... more

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