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Mohawk to invest a further €215m in capacity

expansions in Europe and North America

In the coming two years, US flooring group Mohawk Industries Inc. (Calhoun, Georgia) intends to once again expand its laminate flooring plant in Thomasville, North Carolina, which has been in operation since mid-2005. According to a statement... more


Stability restored to price development

and supply situation in US sawn hardwood

The situation on the North American procurement markets for sawn hardwood eased slightly in during the course of September 2021. Aside from walnut and, as usual for the season, maple, availability improved slightly for the majority of the... more

US sawnwood imports in August lower than last year

The reduction in prices that occurred on the US sawn softwood market in May/June 2021 and the growing alignment observed in supply and demand in recent months led to a reduction in US sawn-softwood imports in August. At a total of 3.052m... more

Agreement with Vietnam in Section 301 Investigation

In the "Section 301 Investigation" launched by the USA in October 2020 to protect against illegal deliveries of wood from Vietnam, a first agreement was reached between the two countries on 1 October 2021. According to information... more

Industry cutting back spot markets prices for spruce

Over the last few weeks, the increase in prices for spruce sawlogs has come to a standstill on the German market and has already turned around in some southern regions of the country. Brisk demand for softwood sawlogs until the end of August... more

Sweden anticipating higher

volume of harvested timber

According to the latest forecast from the Swedish Forest Agency (Skogsstyrelsen) of Stockholm, all signs are pointing to an increase in the volume of timber harvested in Sweden in 2021. Skogsstyrelsen believes the sawmilling industry’s... more

Prices for woodchips and sawdust picking up

sharply again in Germany in fourth quarter

Numerous contracts for deliveries in the fourth quarter of 2021 had already been concluded on Germany’s sawmill-residue markets by the middle of the first week of October. As such, the expectations voiced beforehand to the effect that... more

Sharp decline in elliotis pine plywood exports

Brazilian elliotis pine plywood exports experienced a steep downturn in August and September, both compared with the respective previous months and the same months last year. This development came on the heels of almost consistently... more

Chilean plywood exports

continue downward slide

Chilean radiata pine plywood exports were 8.4% lower in the second quarter of 2021 than they had been in the same period last year at 104,108 (April-June 2020: 113,638) t. The rate of decline was stronger than in the first quarter (-6.2%), but... more

Central European OSB prices have tumbled

by €100 or so on average since late August

Demand for OSB cooled markedly in Central Europe during the third quarter. This turn of events followed a period in the second half of 2020 and the first half of 2021 when demand had almost consistently strengthened, culminating in longer and... more

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