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Swedish exports still below

last year’s levels

At 8.305m m³, exports of sawn softwood and planed products in the first eight months of 2019 were 1 % lower than last year’s figure. The provisional foreign-trade statistics published by the Swedish Forest Industries Federation... more


Only minor growth in Finland’s

roundwood imports this year

After the growth of roughly a third observed in Finnish roundwood imports last year to 11.57m m³ (2017: 8.68m m³), this development has only continued at a significantly slower pace in 2019 to date. The latest figures from the Natural... more

Beech sawnwood output considered likely to decrease

The business climate amongst German beech sawmills had clouded over considerably by the beginning of November. Mid-sized sawmills in the north and central regions, for example, report that the options for reducing output have been increasingly... more

Luke anticipating reductions

in output in Finland

A flattening in the global economy along with a surplus supply and regressive selling prices for various forest and wood products are likely to lead to cut in output within the Finnish wood industry in 2020. According to the "Finnish... more

Growth in worldwide pellet output to 55.7m t in 2018

At a total of 55.70m t (2017: 48.81m t), the worldwide output of pellets rose by 14 % last year. According to the figures published by the association Bioenergy Europe (formerly AEBION) and the European Pellet Council (EPC), both of Brussels,... more

Sharp plunge in Canadian OSB exports

Canada exported significantly less OSB both on the whole and to most sales markets between the second and third quarter of 2019. Exports also fell sharply in a year-on-year comparison. According to Statistics Canada, the country saw its exports... more

US exported more OSB

in third quarter of 2019

US exports of OSB staged a third-quarter recovery after stagnating in the first quarter (-1% to 45,007 m³) and tumbling in the second quarter of 2019 (-27% to 37,709 m³). Foreign trade statistics from the US Department of... more

A degree of calm returns to pricing on

Central European particleboard markets

After a rather turbulent September, the situation on Central European particleboard markets has settled down again in October and the first half of November. Contract prices for the fourth quarter were largely set in stone by the start of... more

Kitchen industry records rise

in incoming orders in August

In August 2019 incoming orders of the German kitchen furniture industry increased by a total of 8.6% compared to the corresponding month in the preceding year. Growth on the export market (+16.2%) was higher than the domestic increase (+3.4%).... more

German furniture exports

down 9% in August

German furniture exports decreased by 9.0% in August 2019, and therefore for the third consecutive month. According to information issued by the Verband der Deutschen Möbelindustrie (VDM), Bad Honnef, in the month covered by the report... more

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